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Friends Don't Let Friends Have Bad Credit.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Are your friends encouraging you to pay off your debt? Save your money or offers advice on ways to increase your credit score? If so, you have a great friend who cares about your financial wellbeing. Friends don’t let friends have bad credit they encourage you to get your finances in order. A good friend will understand your financial position and try not to put you in an awkward financial situation. We all have friends who spend differently the key is to making sure their spending doesn’t dictate how you spend your money. A good friend may drop a few comments about money management here and there without making it seem like their scolding you. They may suggest a more affordable alternative when you go out to eat or mention a great sale. A good friend may offer to be your accountability partner they will not enable your bad financial choices. Here are some things a friend can do to help their friend with money management without lecturing.

1. Buy your friend a bill organizer

2. Point your friend to a crediable credit repairing company.

3. Be supportive and non-judgemental. (Be clear that your intention is to help and not to judge)

4. Casually mention how you improved your credit. (Talk about when you struggled financially yourself)

5.Encourage your friend to save, save and save.

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