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Quarterly IFTA Filings

It's time to prepare to file your Quarterly IFTA returns, need help?

  • 30 min
  • Starting at $125
  • Phone Call

Service Description

It’s time to prepare to file your IFTA, International Fuel Tax Agreement if you haven’t already. If you’re new to IFTA the process of calculating your totals may seem a little overwhelming. However, you don’t need to worry. We can complete your filings for you! After booking this service we will gather all the required information needed to complete your quarterly filings. Information we will need from you: -Company Name -EIN -IFTA Account # -Email -Phone Number -State IFTA login -State IFTA password -Distance Summary/Report -Fuel Report -Fuel receipts or statements -Miles traveled in each state -State Permits that Require Reporting (KY,NM,NY,OR) -Any Additional Documents -Which Quarter Are You Filing (2021 Q1, 2021 Q2, 2021 Q3, 2021 Q4) If your new to the trucking industry you may wonder what is IFTA? IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. IFTA is an agreement between all the U.S states except Alaska and Hawaii and most of the provinces/territories of Canada.This agreement establishes the concept of one fuel use license and one administering base jurisdiction for each licensee. The licensee’s base jurisdiction will be the administrator of this agreement and execute all the provisions with respect to the licensee. Who needs to file? Anyone holding a license under the International Fuel Tax Agreement is required to file an IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Return, which includes a Quarterly Fuel Tax Schedule for each fuel type. Who needs a IFTA license? Any qualified motor vehicle engaged in interstate commerce that is based in their home state and is not IFTA registered in another jurisdiction must register and file reports and payments covering all jurisdictions within their home state. A qualified vehicle is one designed or maintained to transport persons or property which: * Has two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight more than 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilograms. * Has three or more axles, regardless of weight * Is used in combination when the combination exceeds a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilograms

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P.O.Box 922439 Norcross, Ga 30010 USA

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